Founder Friendly Labs (FFL) is the equity-free startup accelerator for experienced tech industry professionals. Created by startup founders and alumni of Google, Stanford, and MIT, FFL Startup Accelerator helps entrepreneurs overcome the challenges inherent in starting a company.

Startups receive over $200k in credits from partners including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), First Republic Bank, and HubSpot. We understand founders are busy, so we offer a low-commitment experience.

Our founders are experienced tech industry professionals and include veterans from Google, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft, a Co-Founder of Excite, and a Partner from Sequoia Capital. They are experts in AI, Machine Learning, Marketing, Productivity, Marketplaces, Deep Learning, IoT, NLP, VR, Financial Planning, Insurance, and more.


Who are some notable graduates of FFL?

  • Carta (funded by Draper Fisher Jurvetson, K9 Ventures, and Spark Capital)

  • Osmo (funded by Accel Partners, K9 Ventures, and Upfront Ventures)

  • Rentlytics (funded by Trinity Ventures, Walker & Dunlop, Rincon Venture Partners, and ZenStone Venture Capital)

  • Qventus (funded by Mayfield Fund and Norwest Venture Partners)

  • Aviate (acquired by Yahoo)

  • Digital Staircase (acquired by Facebook)

  • Amiato (acquired by Amazon)

  • Pixelapse (acquired by Dropbox)

  • Wello (acquired by Weight Watchers)

  • Pushpins (acquired by Ebates)

  • LearnUp (acquired by ManpowerGroup)

  • ClipMine (acquired by Twitch)

  • Quettra (acquired by SimilarWeb)

  • Earnest (acquired by Navient Corporation)

  • And many more...



FFL is led by a team of early Google alums and startup founders from Stanford and MIT. As startup founders themselves, Mendel and Samantha enjoy advising entrepreneurs and helping them access the expertise, networks, and resources they need to grow their businesses.

Mendel Chuang graduated from MIT with two degrees and joined Google pre-IPO. During his 5 years at Google, he worked on a variety of projects including Google Desktop, Toolbar, Blogger, AdWords, and AdSense, where he won the Google Founders Award. He was the Co-Founder and CEO of a mobile startup and is now the Executive Director of the FFL Startup Accelerator. He has given talks at Harvard Business School, MIT, and South by Southwest.

Samantha Quist graduated from Stanford and also joined Google pre-IPO, where she worked on AdWords, News, Trends, iGoogle, and Froogle. She then joined Gnip and led marketing before its acquisition by Twitter. Samantha was Founder and CEO of Copywriter Central and sold the company. She was the Executive Director of Technovation, the global startup competition for girls. She was a speaker at Stanford University, Juniper Networks, Google, and Technoport Norway.



We are a community of experienced startup founders who like to help each other out. In each class session, we offer advice based on our own experience and our learnings from watching 100+ startups participate in FFL. For many of our startups, the most valuable advice comes from peers because we select members with deep experience.



FFL does offer software credits from our partners like AWS, Google Cloud, and others, but we do not take equity nor invest in startups. If fundraising support is your top priority, we recommend you consider other accelerators.


How can I stay updated about FFL?

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I still have questions about FFL....

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